Our Competence: Occupational Safety

The Regulations for Occupational Health & Safety oblige each company setting up a structured occupational health & safety organization. We want to support your company by performing tasks such as:

  • Attending meetings of occupational health & safety committee
  • Individual consultancy for the employer, managers as well as employees regarding accident prevention advices
  • Conducting regular safety inspections
  • Preparing risk assessments, safety operating instructions, register of hazardous substances, bulletin board, etc.
  • Giving safety briefings
  • Implementing an occupational safety management system
  • Analysis of accidents, near-accidents or other incidents including suggestions of measurements

The main purpose of occupational safety is to protect employees against hazards that may arise in their day-to-day work, but also to protect employers to avoid statutory liability risks.

Companies are legally obliged to ensure occupational safety and to prevent potential risks towards their employees.
Therefor we pursue a holistic approach on basis of the following relevant statutory regulations (selection):

  • Occupational Health and Safety Ordinance on Noise and Vibrations
  • Ordinance on Handling of Loads
  • Ordinance on Industrial Safety
  • Youth Labor Protection Act
  • Workplaces Ordinance
  • Ordinance on Hazardous Substances
  • Maternity Protection Act
  • Ordinance on Biological Substances

as well as the preventative regulations applicable to your company and the state of the art.

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