Our Competence: Health & Safety Coordination on Construction Sites

Our experts give comprehensive consultants to builder-owner by implementation of the requirements for Regulation for Health & Safety on Construction Sites. We perform during planning and execution phase by coordinating contractors in health and safety matters.
Duties in the planning phase are:

  • Assisting in prior notice
  • Preparation health and safety plan
  • Assembling ‘document for safety works on later building’
  • Consultants in planning of construction site facilities
  • Implementation of construction safety regulations

Duties in the execution phase are:

  • Conducting regular safety inspections on site including distributing reports
  • Coordination in case of hazards that may affect other contractors
  • Giving construction site-specific instructions
  • Attendance of construction site meetings

You will benefit from raised awareness of involved parties, reduced costs through preventive planning, smooth workflows, and legal certainty.

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